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Tips for working from home

How to improve the way you work from home

Are you working from home and do you like to roll out of your bed straight to your laptop?
That seems very comfortable, but this can have a big impact on your health. Since the start
of the pandemic, working from home is becoming more popular. Unfortunately we are not
well prepared. Because we can’t separate our working space and our private life, our
physical and mental health is at stake. This can be helped with a few tricks you can use for
your working at home day.

Tip 1: Go to your work and come back from work
Go for a 15 minute walk or a bike ride in the morning before you open your laptop. This
sounds odd for a working from home day, but it has a positive effect on your physical and
mental health. It increases your daily activity and the natural light has a positive effect on the
production of serotonin. This will improve your concentration throughout the day, but it also
has a positive effect on the quality of your sleep.

Tip 2: Create your own workplace
Make sure your desk is not in your bedroom. Create your own working place that separates
your work from your private life the most. This results in less stress and a nice working

Tip 3: Take walking breaks and calls
If possible, go for a walk if you have an online meeting. If necessary, encourage your
colleagues to do the same. This is how you keep each other healthy and active!

Tip 4: Put your laptop out of sight when you are done working
Store your laptop out of sight when you are done working. Because your laptop is no longer
in sight, this takes your mind away from work and ensures that you can relax or get ready for
your workout at your favorite gym!

If you need help with your physical and mental health, as a personal trainer in Amsterdam we can help you. Feel free to send us a message.

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