About us


Here to serve you

We believe in a conscious approach to living a healthier lifestyle. To us that means an alignment of mind and body. Our members are our number 1 priority, but more importantly, we want them to be their own priority too. By putting yourself first, you will get so much more out of life. And we are there to help you along the way. Our approach is not only measured in tangible results, but in your overall feeling of well-being as well. We have already helped hundreds of people to live a more conscious and healthy lifestyle. And, if you’re ready, we want to help you boost your quality of life as well.

"At home" and result driven

Every member walks through our doors with their own set of personal goals and circumstances. It is our mission to help you feel comfortable and at-home while you’re working towards your own goals. That is why we have created a low-pressure, welcoming environment in our luxurious personal training studios. So, don’t hesitate to walk-in or make an appointment. We are here to serve you and help you live a healthier lifestyle.

The story behind b-one

Founder Bas

Bas van Beest (1985) is an entrepreneur, certified personal trainer and performance coach. In 2015 Bas opened his first personal training studio in Amsterdam.
“Helping people is my biggest motivation. I am bursting with energy and enjoy motivating people to make the best of their lives. Our goal with B-One is both making you excel in the gym and making you thrive in your daily life, until this new lifestyle becomes so second nature that you will even wonder how you ever lived differently.

I started with one-on-one training with a few kettlebells under a bridge. I did this with great pleasure, but with my B-one gyms, I have achieved a life long dream: High-end conscious personal training.

B-one is more than a gym. It has more to offer than just a workout. B-one is a community where you can feel at home and will be supported in achieving your personal health goals.

With B-one, I want to make a difference. B-one is a place you want to be. Of course, I want to be an example for people, but I know better than anyone how difficult it can be to stick to your intentions and make good choices. That’s why I’m also a kind, loving rock of support for my clients. My clients are like my family, so I have to take good care of them!