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Conscious Personal Training

B-One is a high-end personal training studio with locations in the heart of Amsterdam (Jordaan and W Hotel) and in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid.


Our vision is to change our clients’ lives with a transformation plan for a sustainable lifestyle. That’s why our guidance goes beyond just an hour of training together in the gym. In the hours outside the gym, we help our members become aware of the choices they make on a daily basis. Because that’s the only way we can achieve sustainable results together.

This is what we stand for


We can rightfully claim the word personal in personal training. Founder Bas loves nothing more than helping people. This is at the heart of everything we do. This personal approach goes beyond just the workouts. We also support our clients in the choices that affect their physical and mental health.


Our clients motivate and inspire us. That’s why we offer them an amazing customer experience from the moment they walk through the doors until they leave. From the first introduction to showering after the training. Top-quality equipment, high-end facilities, exceptional service, and the best personal trainers. Plus, the finest shower products, locally sourced high-quality coffee, and a fresh protein smoothie afterwards. In everything we do, we strive for a premium experience.

At Home

With our team, we make sure clients can’t get enough of us. Our secret? A positive next-level experience that immediately puts our members at ease and makes them feel at home. B-One is actually more like a family than a gym. It’s a place where our clients love to come. At B-One exercising feels like a choice rather than an obligation.

A little better every day

We encourage and motivate our clients to become the best version of themselves. So that they put themselves at number one. This not only applies to our clients. We also actively invest in the growth of our trainers, through internal training programs. We believe that growth is gradual rather than radical. At B-One, we stand for getting 1% better every day.


To work as a trainer at B-One you need at least a good basic education such as CIOS, a bachelor in Sports and Exercise, Nutrition and Dietetics, ALO or Exercise Science. Specific training such as Bayesian bodybuilding, Chivo or MILO Education are a big plus.


Please only apply for this role if you currently live and work in the Netherlands.

Who are we looking for?

  • You are enthusiastic, empathetic and communicatively skilled. B-One is more like a family than a gym. It’s a place where our customers love to be. That’s why we are looking for someone who enjoys meeting all clients – not just the clients you work with.
  • A positive person. Introvert or extrovert, it doesn’t matter. But part of your job is to give clients self-confidence (back). Therefore, you know how to inspire and motivate people.
  • A team player. Although our team consists of driven trainers, we are a close-knit team. At B-One, trainers are not competitors with each other. We help each other, share knowledge, and strive to help others move forward.
  • In addition to providing training, you are expected to have an active coaching attitude. You are flexible and proactive.
  • You have experience with personal training. We think it’s important that you have a broad interest and basic knowledge in the areas of nutrition, training, and coaching.
  • Experience weighs less for us than a mindset that aligns with our vision. Therefore, it is extra important that you are willing to further develop and specialize yourself. As a B-One trainer, you are always working to develop both yourself and your clients.
  • Someone who can relate to our unique approach. You are interested in our special concept and want to learn more about it.
  • We are looking for someone who is available at least 32 hours per week with the possibility of full time.
  • At B-One, we believe in teamwork, so we do not work on a freelance basis.

What can we offer you?

  • You will work in a like-minded team. Our team consists of passionate, young professionals with a lot of knowledge and experience. You don’t pay floor money here, you are truly part of the team.
  • You are no longer responsible for marketing, sales and accounting. We do this for you.
  • An excellent salary including vacation pay.
  • You can do what your passion is.
  • We see you as an integral part of our team. You play an active role in important decisions, your input and opinions are valued and you grow together with B-One to the next level.
  • Our vision allows you to use our unique approach to make others healthier and happier. While you can do what you love. Win-win.
  • A job you can’t get enough of. On a daily basis you will be challenged to continue learning and become a better trainer and coach.
  • Free snacks and drinks at work. Premium coffee, tea, protein smoothies and healthy snacks.

Are you the one?

Are you ready for a job that gives you a lot of fulfillment? A job where you can visibly and tangibly make a difference in someone’s life? If so, apply for a job as a personal trainer at B-One.


Every trainer at B-One contributes in his or her own way to our successful concept. The concept stands or falls with the right trainer. Finding the right person is very important to us. We are very interested to hear how our concept fits with your vision on personal training.


Will I see you soon? – Bas

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