Health is wealth

Personal training for companies

Fit and healthy people are happy employees. That’s why we develop tailor-made programs for small and large businesses. During these programs we work on personal goals as well as team building experiences.


Create unforgettable hours with your staff

Vitality plays an important role in the wellbeing of a business. Do your employees enjoy going to work and are they ambassadors for the company? How often do they get a cold?

Every business aims to create and maintain a healthy work environment. We are here to help you with a program that caters for the specific needs of your business and your people. Whether you’re looking for small group training, outside training sessions, one-on-one personal training or a single seminar or workshop. We will make it work for you at a time that suits you best. Early in the morning, after work, or at lunchtime – whatever you wish, we deliver high-end, personal training programs for companies.

As we said before, healthy employees are often happier employees, with a determined mind and a healthy body.


For example, they will:

Do you want to make your company a more attractive workplace for your employees and help your team to a fitter and healthier life? We would be happy to have a cup of coffee with you to discuss the possibilities.

Let's get started

We want to offer you tryout before making any decision. Together with one of our professional trainers you can discuss what package fits your schedule and goals.