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Challenge your limits

Be your number one

We help you achieve the goals that you’ve always dreamed of. In a way that fits within the context of your lifestyle. That starts with challenging your limits in the gym. We can teach you the basics of a good workout or boost the skills you already have.


Either way, we will show you that you’re capable of so much more than you think. A B-One personal training session leaves you feeling balanced and strong instead of exhausted. Our personal trainers have a positive attitude and are devoted to showing you how much fun sports can be. Putting in the hard work is essential, but a chat and a laugh keep you coming back for more. 


With three personal training gyms in Amsterdam, there is always a studio near you. We welcome you in comfort and luxury to give you an at-home feeling in our private studios. So that you feel cherished and comfortable and can have fun in the process of getting fit.

To serve you in the best possible way, we offer:

Enjoy consciously

Our work doesn’t stop when you walk out of the gym. We are involved 24/7. That is why our certified personal trainers carefully investigate what aspects of your lifestyle you need to focus on to enhance your feeling of well-being.

There will be guidance in all aspects. From technical guidance during strength exercises, to coaching on nutrition, stress and sleep. As a result you will feel better and improve your physical and mental strength. 


Let’s strive to become 1% better, every single day. Progress is gradual, not radical.

“Our vision is that we are all equal, all one. ‘B-One’ stands for our deep rooted belief that we should stimulate and motivate each other to become the best version of ourselves. In other words, be your number one.”
Bas van Beest
Founder B-One Training

Let's get started

We want to offer you tryout before making any decision. Together with one of our professional trainers you can discuss what package fits your schedule and goals.