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Ervaring: Nash

I used to sport on a regular basis, two to three times a week. But as most of us know it’s easy to be distracted and find an excuse not to go. After a holiday of 2 weeks, it would take another 2 before starting back again. And about 6 years ago I had meniscus operation, first the right knee, and a year later the left knee (caused by running and a fall off my bike on an icy Amsterdam morning). Since then I started to go even less to the gym, and I found even more excuses, not to mention age and a busy full time job.

Bas moved with his pop up personal training gym, B-One, to the building across the road from our apartment. I saw him train others and I thought let me talk to him. We had a chat and I explained that I am no stranger to sports but…… his easy enthusiastic and no judging manner immediately convinced me and I started with him in March this year.

Apart from going to him I also go twice a week on my own to the gym (with a workout schedule he renews every 6 weeks). When at Bas he always asks when I am training next at the gym, he never fails to follow up by texting me or when I see him, asking how the workout was, which days I went etc. Even though it’s been 4 months Bas managed to quickly change my approach from “I will go to the gym if I get time” mentality, to “I WILL go the gym tomorrow”. Due to Bas @B-One not only do I feel the difference, but I also CAN SEE IT ☺

Bas heel erg bedankt!!!

I would recommend Bas @B-Onetraining to anyone who needs that little extra push and discipline.

Hi Five ☺

– Nash

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