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How to make conscious choices for drinking

Drinking conscious during the holidays!

Party is fun and usually it involves alcoholic drinks! There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few drinks during the holidays for example, but it can be a challenges when trying to practice balance. First, of course, alcohol will impair your decision-making skills. The impact of alcohol will make it a bit tricky for you to check in with your hunger, your level of fullness and to stay really aware. Plus, alcohol can spike your blood sugar, especially if you’re not on a balanced diet meal. This can lead to cravings for more sugary and junk foods throughout the rest of the day, making it more challenging to reach for the nutritious choices. Despite recognizing and acknowledging these things, many people still seem to have trouble finding balance and consciously drinking in moderation.

What to do?

What we hear often around us is that peer pressure is mentioned most when people tend to want to drink more than they actually want. Peer pressure can take many forms to prevent. It may look like this:

 These are just some of the possibilities, but it may also look different for you. If you need help, personal training in Amsterdam might be a great solution to work towards a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

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