Performance & Appearance

Performance & Appearance

You’ve got the looks and the power

Are your priorities centered around performance or appearance? We designed this program especially for those that want to go a little bit harder to achieve their goals as quickly as possible. Perhaps you are going skiing in the alps, getting married soon, or your career requires you to look at your physical best. Because you work as a model or presenter for instance.

This program is tailor made for goal-oriented people who want to perform at their best or are in the public eye.

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Performance & Appearance

Powerful and goal-oriented

Together with an energetic and motivating trainer you will push towards your next physical level with strength training. The Performance & Appearance program places extra emphasis on progression and nutrition compared to our regular personal training. It’s all aimed at achieving your goals as fast as possible.

The coaching during the Performance & Appearance program is more result-oriented than usual. The bigger your goals and motivation, the harder we train. The pressure to perform in your daily life can be high and you can lose sight of yourself in the process. We help you by prioritizing yourself. No crash diets or other short-term solutions that radically change your lifestyle. We hand you all the tools you need to reach your goals. We always train in a responsible and sustainable way. Because progress is gradual, not radical.


Just you and your trainer

Do you desire extra privacy? Our studio in Oud-Zuid consists of closed areas where only you and your trainer work out. Perfect for when you want to exercise in complete privacy.