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Prior to joining B-One in Amsterdam, I found myself stuck in a year-long rut without any training, grappling with persistent knee pain and a significant lack of motivation to resume exercising.
Amidst my search for various alternatives in the fitness market, my very first conversation with B-One instantly captivated me with their unique approach, attentive consideration of my requirements, and most notably, their genuine warmth and ready availability.
The gym exudes an incredible atmosphere, boasting modern facilities and exceptional trainers who are consistently on hand to offer guidance. A delightful post-workout shake serves as just one example of their thoughtful gestures that foster a sense of belonging.
With the unwavering support of both trainers and fellow gym-goers, I’ve never felt isolated, always encouraged to progress at a pace that suits me. Remarkably, within just two months, my knee discomfort has subsided, allowing me to run once more. I’ve also witnessed positive changes in my dietary habits and overall physical well-being.
I wholeheartedly endorse B-One and their dedicated trainers without hesitation 💪🏻. For top-notch personal training in Amsterdam, they stand as my ultimate recommendation.

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