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Strength training as a (future) mom is a no-brainer, but some moms need a little convincing that making strength training a priority in their busy lives will benefit them. It can be challenging to find the time or someone you trust to help you with this. But momming is nonstop. Whether you are carrying them, chasing after them, or bending over constantly to pick up after them. You need to be able to perform basic movements all day long.

During your pregnancy a lot changes in your body. A familiar feeling with your coach is therefore extra important, that is why we have several coaches specialized in prenatal and postpartum personal training. Our personal guidance goes further than just good training: we are also a listening ear and always understand your wishes and needs – you know best how you feel. But we do challenge you within your limits! The training sessions are goal-oriented, effective and constructive. We train when it suits you best, preferably at fixed moments so that we can both organize our agendas accordingly.

Working out means taking care of yourself

Life is already busy, but once you have kids, it becomes even busier! Being pregnant, you realize even more how important self-care is. Workouts with B-One trainers can be a part of self-care. Getting in twice or more weekly strength training sessions can give you the energy you need to tackle the day ahead and boost your mood naturally. B-One training sessions leave you feeling balanced and strong instead of exhausted. B-One has prenatal and postpartum personal training programs designed to enhance your body. Train in the most comfortable way at B-One.

Our Mom Program is aimed at supervising (strength) training and nutrition during and after your pregnancy. We work with prenatal and postpartum  fitness experts, physiotherapists and dieticians so that we can coach you safely during this period. You will train one-on-one in one of our fully equipped, private studios.

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What makes us unique, is an unmatched experience. Together we will set a personal growth plan and we will be there to guide you during your journey to improve vitality. 

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We want to offer you tryout before making any decision. Together with one of our professional trainers you can discuss what package fits your schedule and goals.