In 2016 my partner gave me a “10 rittenkaart” for my 45th birthday. I am not a sporty person, in fact I do not like physical exercise at all. Although I used to go on an irregular basis to the gym, I completely stopped going a few years back. Hence my partner’s birthday present.

This is where I first met Bas. Without judgement and never using the words ‘you must’ or ‘you cannot’, I immediately had a good feeling about the approach B-One adopts in helping its clientele to reach their objectives. Although B-One offers a complete package of exercising combined with diet programs I told Bas I wanted to get fitter and loose weight but was not interested in a diet nor in achieving the perfect body. This was no problem – Bas made me feel welcome and his enthusiasm convinced me to start my journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Bas’s enthusiasm, no-nonsense attitude and genuine interest in my wellbeing (combined with my lack of discipline) led me to the decision to start going twice a week from June. Since February, without a diet program, I have lost 12 kilos. Still Bas has never told me I ‘cannot’ or ‘must’, yet I drink a lot less coffee (and now only black without sugar and milk) and have changed my eating habits, amongst others by cutting down on the snacking and no more two hot meals a day. The biggest benefit is that mentally I also feel a lot fitter and my energy levels have risen far beyond my expectations.

In summary, from someone who hates the gym, I am now happy to go training and my week does not feel complete if I have not exercised. I would recommend B-One to everyone but particularly to people like myself who are not happy with their physical state of being and who need the extra push to convince them they can enjoy sporting.

Thank you Bas for your devotion and positive attitude, and sorry that I screamed I HATE YOU so many times.