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What are the costs for personal training?

You want to start personal training, but you have no idea what the costs are. Most websites do not list prices and if you google you will find the most diverse rates. In this blog we will tell you more about the costs for personal training, explain what exactly you pay for and what causes the difference in rates.

What are you paying for?

The costs for personal training vary greatly. This depends on a number of different things:

  • The level of the trainer: what diplomas does he/she have?
  • The location: do you train outside in the park, in a public gym or in a private studio and do you also train in a city like Amsterdam where the rents for a location are simply higher than in a village in Friesland?
  • The experience of the trainer: can he/she demonstrate that he/she can really help you achieve your goals?
  • The small print: do you train one-on-one or in a small group, do you have to immediately take out an annual subscription, do the costs differ if you come more often during the week, do you also have to subscribe for a gym membership?
  • The extras: do you also receive nutritional advice, a cup of coffee, are there events you can participate in?

To achieve the best results, you do not always have to choose the most expensive personal trainer, but it is good to look at these different factors. In addition, we always recommend that you schedule an intake before you register somewhere. Is there a connection, do you think the same about how to achieve your goals, do you feel comfortable and do they look at you as an individual or is it a “one method fits all” approach?

What are the costs for personal training at B-One?

We deliberately do not have prices on our website, for various reasons. Firstly, we do not work with a fixed hourly rate, because our service is more than just an hour of training in the gym. We have based our prices on four-week packages, which can be flexibly paused or canceled. Our trainers will create a training schedule for you (even if you want to train yourself in addition to the personal training sessions) and give you weekly nutritional advice. Secondly, although it is not possible to train with us alone, we often organize events for our members that are part of our service. Finally, we only work with certified trainers, products of the highest quality and you train with us in one of our private studios.

With more than 250 5-star reviews on Google we dare to say that we are worth the investment, but ultimately it is something you will have to experience for yourself. Are you in doubt whether it is something for you? Please contact us and schedule your intake (free of charge). We are proud to show you our studio and would be happy to discuss with you whether and how we can best guide you.

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