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Best healthy habits to start with, directly.

Best healthy habits to implement in your daily live 

You may not think about it, but your whole day consists of making choices. Some choices are so obvious that you make them automatically – and that doesn’t always mean they’re good for you. Particularly in the areas of lifestyle and fitness, a small adjustment of your habits can have a very large effect on your health.

In this blog we therefore advice you the three best healthy habits for new routines. First apply them for three weeks as a conscious choice, and you will see that you automatically include them in your daily routine.

Start your day with three glasses of water

Drinking water on an empty stomach not only hydrates the entire body, it also ensures that toxins and other waste stored during the night are excreted through the urine. By starting with a few glasses of water, you stimulate that process. Preferably take lukewarm water: it stimulates digestion and is better for your stomach than an ice-cold splash.

Win the morning with just one minute

By doing some exercises for one minute in the morning, you will get more energy, your muscles will become more flexible and you will adopt a better posture. In addition, you slightly increase your heart rate and keep your muscles flexible. A good exercise when getting up is this:

Stand up straight and start moving your neck and work your way down through your shoulders, back, hip ankles and toes. Make sure you move all your joints. Next, make yourself as tall as possible and stretch your arms in the air. Bend over and try to touch all your toes (allowing you to bend your knees a little). Feel the stretch in the back of your legs, near your hamstrings, and hang forward for a few seconds. Finally, come up slowly and take a deep breath. Repeat this exercise four times. See our  Youtube channel for more exercises

Less screens = more sleep

As nice as it is to watch some Netflix in bed or scroll through some websites, avoid all kinds of screens at least thirty minutes before going to sleep. The blue light in your screen disrupts the natural process in the production of the ‘sleeping substance’ melatonin. This makes it more difficult to fall asleep and you also often sleep more restlessly. Instead of using your phone or laptop, grab a book, take a lukewarm bath or take a short walk in the fresh air before going to sleep. You will see that the next morning you wake up more rested and energetic.

Do you want more tips to break through your less healthy routines, or are you curious about our personal advice tailored to your lifestyle? Send us a message or make an appointment at one of our B-One studio’s for personal training in Amsterdam.

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