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Ervaring: Pilar

If you made it to stories you are probably looking for a change and you want it fast. That’s at least what I, Pilar, was looking for when I started typing “personal trainers Amsterdam” into Google. And found B-One. So let me start from that.

In 12 weeks I lost 10.8kg, reduced respectively: my waist (-11.2cm), my hips (-9cm) and my tights (-6.5). While I gained: consciousness about what I am eating and how i’m eating it (speaking about macros like I really know what I am saying – impressive much?), being able to go from a status of amoebe to a 60kg deadlifting and mostly important I gained a team of individuals that really was there for me, also during a difficult period.

And this is not even the best, as the best take out is that it’s truly changing my attitude for the long run. If you ask me whether I’m on diet or feel restricted i’m not. And I ended up being one of those people really happy to go exercise (I know crazy people!), which ultimately depends also on who’s meeting you at the gym :).

– Pilar

Do you want similar results as Pilar? Don’t hesitate to contact us, our personal trainers are more than happy to help.

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