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Thanks to this screenless smartwatch, B-One can guide its clients even more effectively

At B-One, we leave nothing to chance when it comes to your health.

As an entrepreneur, I frequently come into contact with inspiring individuals who lead fantastic companies, including the visionary founders of NOWATCH. This innovative “watch” combines personalized health tracking with a stylish design. B-One is now partnering with this unique brand to elevate client guidance to an even higher level.

While “knowledge is power” may be a cliché, in the realm of health, it’s unavoidable. Tracking your calories, macros, workouts, sleep, weight, and more—this data makes the path to your goal clear. We, the coaches, can shape your success story with this information.

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Ingredients for a successful health journey

There are various ways to assess your strengths and weaknesses. At B-One, we facilitate the tracking of your nutrition, sleep, steps, and alcohol intake, measure you from head to toe, and log your workouts. However, to make your health journey even more successful, we’re adding a new gadget to our arsenal: NOWATCH.


NOWATCH is a lifestyle wearable that measures stress, sleep, and activity, allowing us to take control of your well-being together. This innovative and stylish “watch” is the only lifestyle wearable that measures skin conductance, the most reliable way to estimate stress. A fantastic development that is not only functional but also looks fantastic.


Imagine you’ve had a highly stressful day. Thanks to NOWATCH, you can identify the most stressful moments of the day. Based on this data, B-One coaches can provide comprehensive advice, such as breathing exercises to calm down. This way, you can better cope with stress. Didn’t sleep well? B-One and NOWATCH can help. Based on your personal data, B-One coaches can optimize your sleep, ensuring you lead a more rested life. Moreover, our trainers gain even better insight into your daily physical activity thanks to NOWATCH.

We are currently testing various aspects in collaboration with NOWATCH to see how we can further enhance our clients’ guidance. More updates coming soon. Can’t wait!


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