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‘Thanks to B-One, I no longer skip my workouts’

Storm Story has been training at B-One since August 2022. Thanks to the excellent guidance, structured schedules, and consistent training sessions, he no longer skips his workouts. “My workouts are now like my work appointments: I don’t cancel them.”

Anyone who has trained alone knows the temptation to skip workouts can be strong. It’s raining, the couch is too comfortable, no time – and there are countless excuses not to step into the gym. Storm experienced this during years of training on his own until he joined B-One; now he has someone holding him accountable. “B-One’s method works very well for me because I schedule it as if it’s an appointment with my work, and I don’t cancel.”

'Healthier, fitter, and more energetic'

Storm started at B-One to lead a healthier, fitter, and more energetic life. Thanks to his dedication and B-One’s successful formula, he has achieved that. The trainers go beyond just the workout to achieve clients’ personal goals. “A healthier lifestyle, but also a deeper understanding of how to train and what is healthy for you,” Storm explains.

Moreover, Storm loves the atmosphere at the personal training studios of B-One. “It’s not just about the training that matters, but I can also truly be myself and talk about the things I’m really interested in.”

Want to see more of Storm’s experience with B-One? Watch the video below:

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