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Finding the right balance with your meals

I think we can all agree that there are certain times of the year (i.e. Christmas) where it feels a little bit harder to look after ourselves in terms of nourishment and balance in your meals and training regime. There are so many social occasions, gatherings, dinners, celebrations and so on. Sweet desserts, savory snacks and drinks go hand in hand with these social gatherings. This can make it so much more difficult to choose between nutritious food and “cheat” meals. 


What is holding you back?

The first thing people often ask us when they start living more conscious is “What should I eat?”. Ofter they either try to avoid all the food they secretly enjoy so much (which always turns out wrong), or start binge-eating after a couple of “healthy, restricted days”. In both cases, there is no such thing as balance in your meals, but the even bigger downside: an unstoppable cycle consisting of feeling guilty, starting with diets and detoxes…


Hopefully (and probably), you are beginning to understand that ‘dieting’ does not work and you are now looking for another plan. A plan for the longterm! Nutrition is not only about nourishing yourself, but also about pleasure, the process and the experience. The more you’re able to balance this, the better you will feel afterwards.


The key to success

When do we speak of balanced meals? What should this consist of? We recommend to always use a standard plate layout that you can find below. This is how we provide a nutritious basic, but we also offer space to really be able and allowed to enjoy food that we like to eat. A base consisting of vegetables / fruit, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and the bonus category; taste pleasure.

A good plate-layout consists of:

  • 50% fruit/vegetables
  • 25% proteins
  • 25% carbohydrates
  • ±1 tablespoon of fats

If you want to start living more conscious, but feel that you need help to get started? Feel free to contact us, our personal trainers are happy to guide you. 

B-One personal training finding balance in your meals

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