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How to stay fit in December

Are you looking forward to the holidays, but also already worrying about what to do with the extra kilo’s you might gain? We feel you! That’s why we made a shortlist on how to stay fit in December. 

Here are some tips on how to consistently keep working out and staying in balance during such a busy month of celebrating, parties, alcohol drinking and eating.


  • Find a fitness buddy to keep you accountable.
  • Schedule your workouts in and prioritise them. That time is blocked to work out. (Finding this difficult? You can always schedule a session at one of our studios. We are open every day on the year.)
  • During party days, try intermittent fasting or try to eat as lean as possible: only veggies and protein, so that you have lots of calories available still for your party.
  • Do some extra cardio this month. Go to a spinning class, go for a long bike ride with a friend or partner, go for a run: the cold, fresh air is good for you!
  • Ask your trainer to help you be consistent also outside of the gym.
  • Use your community: surround yourself by healthy, fit people that will help you get off the couch even the day after a party.
  • Use your calendar as motivation: mark everyday that you moved, got a workout in, ate healthy, drank water, anything that helps you stay on track.

And most important: enjoy your time with your loved ones!

This little list of tips to stay fit in December is of course applicable throughout the whole year. Taking care of your mental en physical health will always benefit you. If you feel that you need help, feel free to contact us. Our personal trainers are happy to help!

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