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‘Training at B-One feels like coming home’

Luuk Melisse has been training at B-One since November 2022. He wants to work on himself in a safe and challenging environment. “Every time I step into B-One’s studio, I feel like I’m coming home.”

Luuk is active in the sports world and trains many people himself. However, he felt that no one helped him in setting and achieving his goals. “Before B-One, no one paid attention to me,” he says. “I didn’t start here to create the perfect body, but to take time for myself and invest in myself.”

Luuk Melisse is ambitious and has shown his trainers several Instagram videos of fitness exercises and achievements, saying, “I want to be able to do that too.” His current goal? Performing a V-sit correctly. With each training session, he gets a step closer. “I’m not there yet, but I know I will achieve my goal.”

Feeling at home

The environment plays a crucial role in achieving Luuk’s goal. B-One’s trainers give a lot of personal attention to their clients, which Luuk finds essential. “I don’t feel like I’m in a big gym. I feel like I’m coming home. I feel very safe, but I also feel challenged.”

Watch Luuk’s full testimonial below:

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