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Strength training for women

Unlock your strength: Empowering women through strength training at B-One personal training in Amsterdam

Welcome to a fitness journey that’s about to upgrade your life. At B-One, we believe that strength training is for everyone – irrespective of gender, age, or background. If you’re intrigued, let’s dive into why strength training is a game-changer, especially for women.

Discover the power of strength training for women:

#1) Embrace the ease of life: Picture effortlessly grabbing that heavy bag of dog food from the top shelf or lugging your suitcase up the stairs. When you’re strong, life becomes easier.

#2) Shield yourself from injuries: Building robust muscles means reinforcing bones, ligaments, and tendons – a strong defense against injuries while you relish activities you love

#3) Outsmart age-related muscle loss: Defy aging by retaining muscle mass, maintaining independence as the years roll on.

#4) Muscle demands fuel: Sustain that hard-earned muscle; it’s a delightful challenge that elevates your metabolism and dietary needs.

#5) Relieve aches and pains: Embrace joint-friendly living with a resilient body, revel in better posture, and say goodbye to back or hip discomfort.

#6) Sculpt your desired look: Shape your body according to your preference – whether you lean towards sculpted muscles or a different aesthetic. Strength training empowers you to transform your physique. You can shift from a pear to an hourglass figure through consistent training.

#7) Amplify lifespan: Fuel a longer, vibrant life through strength training – an investment that pays back with time.

Elevate your wellbeing with strength training

It’s astonishing that only 20% of women engage in the transformative practice of strength training, a percentage far below our male counterparts. It’s time for change. At B-One we strongly believe in the benefits of strength training, for every gender. But there are differences in body types and hormones. That is why we created personalized programs, specified for your needs.

How we work at B-One

We always start with an intake, to determine where you are right now and what your goals are. We create a program specifically for your needs and based on your goals. We work with trainers specialized prenatal and postpartum training, rehabilitation and menopause professionals.

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