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Training during Ramadan

If you are practicing the Islam, it’s almost time for the Ramadan again, March 22nd it starts.

This holy month is all about discipline, endurance and above all self-control, and teaches us to master desires and lusts by fasting between sunrise and sunset. Why not use this month to create the healthy habit of exercising? 

If you are partaking in the Ramadan and are wondering if you can (start with) training, here are some things to know:

  • Training during Ramadan is possible!
  • Train at a lower intensity than when you are not fasting, but movement is always good and healthy. Even when fasting.
  • Choose the timing of your trainings wisely during Ramadan. Training after iftar is recommended. The intensity of the training can be a little bit higher after iftar.
  • Limit the amount of cardio you do, this needs more energy to recover from. Twice a week is our recommendation (if you were doing more than that before).
  • Try not to eat too caloric dense food before training (when training after iftar). A simple light snack and some water will give you some extra energy for the training. Then, after the training, have a bigger and more filling meal.
  • Stick to what you know. Your energy will be lower so this is not the time to start a new workout routine or sport. Stick to the sports you know.

We wish everyone participating in the Ramadan the best of luck during this month! If you find it hard to program your trainings during Ramadan yourself, as a Personal Trainer in Amsterdam we are happy to help. Feel free to send us a message.

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