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Tips for a better working posture

How you can improve your working posture

Are you always working curled up behind your laptop, and are suffering from neck and back pain? That is not uncommon! Nowadays most people are working behind their desk and it is therefore harder to keep the body moving and have a good posture. Besides that, the smartphone isn’t helping either and makes us sit like a bag of potatoes. However, you can change this bad sitting / working posture with some good tips!

Tip 1: Set an alarm

Put a timer for every 30 minutes, step away from the desk, stretch your legs and walk for a bit. You can also use this time to fill your water glass, to stay hydrated. Besides, standing up frequently has a positive effect on your blood supply, your caloric output and your posture.

Tip 2: Invest in your working place

Adjust your working place to your needs. Put your screen and desk at the right height. Since you spend most of the day working at your desk, it’s important to keep moving. A standing desk is therefore definitely recommended, because this is a good way to change your working position and stretch your legs.

Tip 3: Correct your posture

Try to correct your stance frequently. After working for a long time at your desk, you will notice that you slowly start to be curled up behind your laptop again. If you notice this, do some stretches. You can stand up, twist and turn a few times and go back to an active sitting position where you can keep a straight back.

Tip 4: Train your back muscles

Y-raises is a good exercise to train your upper back muscles that prevents you from working in a bad posture. How do you do this exercise? First, go lay on the ground with your face facing to the floor. Relax your legs. Second, put your arms in a Y position and lift your arms from the ground with your thumbs up. Finally, hold this position for 5 seconds and do this 10 to 15 reps for 3 to 4 sets. There are all different types of exercises to train your back. Go ask your B-One Personal trainer for more good and fun exercises!

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