What are the costs for personal training?


You want to start personal training, but you have no idea what the costs are. Most websites do not list prices and if you google you will find the most diverse rates. In this blog we will tell you more about the costs for personal training, explain what exactly you pay for and what causes […]

Getting back to your workout routine after summer


It is the 1st of September, which means summer is officially coming to an end. Hopefully you have had a great holiday, filled with relaxation, indulgence, and perhaps a few too many drinks, snacks and ice creams. Now it’s time to get back on track and into your workout routine. This might seem as a […]

Strength training for women

Unlock your strength: Empowering women through strength training at B-One personal training in Amsterdam Welcome to a fitness journey that’s about to upgrade your life. At B-One, we believe that strength training is for everyone – irrespective of gender, age, or background. If you’re intrigued, let’s dive into why strength training is a game-changer, especially […]

Breathwork and ice bath workshop


We are thrilled to have hosted an extraordinary breathwork and  ice bath workshop day in the heart of Amsterdam! With an enthusiastic participation of 16 individuals, the event was an outstanding success. Our mission to empower, energize, and elevate found remarkable fulfillment as we immersed ourselves in the profound realm of breathwork and embraced the […]

Review Luis


Prior to joining B-One in Amsterdam, I found myself stuck in a year-long rut without any training, grappling with persistent knee pain and a significant lack of motivation to resume exercising.Amidst my search for various alternatives in the fitness market, my very first conversation with B-One instantly captivated me with their unique approach, attentive consideration […]

Ervaring: Reijer & Fabiënne

Fabiënne & Reijer, trainen sinds April 2016 als (dynamic) duo bij B-One. Allebei vroeger super sportief, maar tegenwoordig vooral goed in “netflixen”. Dus na 7 jaar niets doen en vooral A-sportief denken, werd het tijd voor verandering. Fabiënne: Ik leerde Bas kennen via mijn werk en zijn enthousiaste verhaal over zijn pop-up gym nam ik […]

Training during Ramadan


If you are practicing the Islam, it’s almost time for the Ramadan again, March 22nd it starts. This holy month is all about discipline, endurance and above all self-control, and teaches us to master desires and lusts by fasting between sunrise and sunset. Why not use this month to create the healthy habit of exercising?  If […]

Tips for a better working posture

How you can improve your working posture Are you always working curled up behind your laptop, and are suffering from neck and back pain? That is not uncommon! Nowadays most people are working behind their desk and it is therefore harder to keep the body moving and have a good posture. Besides that, the smartphone […]

How to improve your squat


Five ways to improve your squat The squat is one of the most used exercises in strength training. What can you do to improve your squat? It’s one of the big five compound exercises, which means that it targets more than just one or two muscles (like with an isolated exercise). It has been well […]

Running and strength training with Apolline Lambert #ClientCorner

B-One Personal Training, #ClientCorner on running and strength training

Apolline has been training at B-One Personal Training for about a year and a half. Although already very sporty, having done team sports in her childhood and a love for running, her initial goal was to learn how to do strength training and become stronger. During the time she has been training with us, she […]