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Wim Hof Method

Cold? Naaaah, we can now overcome coldness with our minds. In November all the Slim Living trainers and some brave clients went to a Wim Hof Method workshop.

We challenged ourselves to do as many push ups as we could without breathing, we challenged ourselves to go deeper into ourselves and our meaning of life with an hour of breath work and breath retention and we challenged ourselves to the max by sitting in a bathtub filled with ice to the brim for two minutes long. We breathed in and on the breath out we sat down all the way to our necks in the ice. The skill lies in completely letting go and returning to one’s relaxed breath as fast as possible: there is no other option than to meditate, to turn inwards. We are so proud of the clients and all the personal trainers that went in, all convinced of their inner power.

For those who didn’t join, some wise words to convince you to do it in the future or to apply it to your daily life: an interview with Verie, one of the Wim Hoff Method coaches:

In one sentence, how would you convince someone to join the workshop?

Verie: I would never try to convince anyone, this should be an innerly-directed action. So how about uncovering your super powers?


Why do you think that the Wim Hoff Method has become so popular?

Verie: I feel that now more than ever people are aware of the importance of good health – both physically and mentally – and lately also, about the beneficial effect the exposure to cold and the connection to breath can have on this.


How could practicing Wim Hof Method breathing techniques on a daily basis benefit one’s quality of life?

Verie: The breath will help you become healthier, happier, stronger. Just try it once and you will know!


What are some tips on how to include some Wim Hof Method wisdom in one’s daily life?

Verie: As Wim always says: “a cold shower a day will keep the doctor away.” You don’t have to go out on a limb to enjoy the benefits the Wim Hof Method has. Just by adding a cold shower at the end of your regular shower routine, you already do something beneficial for your health. Same goes for the breathing technique. Add it to you morning routine and you immediately spice up your day.

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